DIY self host blog website.

Summary about self host a blog site, about $45/year

  • Why not google blogger, the custom domain doesn’t support https.
  • Domain/DNS provider – namesilo – reasonable price ($8.99 per year) and free privacy (your name/address will not show up in whois when search your domain)
  • Virtual Server provider – Scaleway – €2.99/mo. (Full control everything, but also need self maintain everything)
  • SSL cert provider “Let’s Encrypt” – free.
  • Software. Ubuntu, Mairadb, Nginx, Apache2, wordpress (to support multi domain name virtual host and easy SSL cert management)

Software architecture

  • Nginx reverse proxy, pass different domain names to different apache virtual host ports.
  • Nginx handle SSL protocol, and call to apache with http
  • IPTables firewall only open 80 and 443, hide all internal ports (mariadb, apache2)
  • WordPress may suffer 301 redirect dead loop, need add “SetEnvIf X-Forwarded-Proto https HTTPS=on” into apache configuration.